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Archer Construction has been serving the Green River valley for over thirty years and brings expertise in water, storm, and utility systems and fire suppression systems..
On November 24, 1959 The Green River crested in Kent, flooding the Valley,and causing millions of dollars worth of damage. People were forced to flee their homes, businesses and farms. Sections of roads, power lines and other utilities were destroyed by the current.

The possibility of this happening again is back. The Army Corp of Engineers has restricted the amount of water that Hanson Dam can hold until repairs can be completed on the dam’s right abutment.

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To help residents of the valley prepare for the potential coming floods Archer Construction has available the following:
flood.jpg cd18-35l.jpg Howard Hanson Dam 2-1.jpg FloodLine-Dreamstime.jpg bags.jpg
Also Available:
  • Plastic sheeting to help divert water
  • Sump Pumps
  • For more information please call us at (253) 872-7222
Residents needing help with sandbags, or people willing to volunteer, can leave a message on the service club hotline at (206) 755-4814 or by email at You can also follow the service clubs on Twitter at